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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Atin Cupung Singsing

Atin Cupung Singsing (I had a ring) 
is a popular Kapampangn folk song.  

Atin cu pung singsing
Metung yang timpucan
Amana que iti
Queng indung ibatan
Sangcan queng sininup
Queng metung a caban
Mewala ya iti
E cu camalayan.

Ing sucal ning lub cu
Susucdul banua
Picurus cung gamat
Babo ning lamesa
Ninu mang manaquit
Queng singsing cung mana
Calulung pusu cu
Manginuya queca.

English Translation

I had a ring
A single precious stone
I inherited from my mother.
I hid it in a wooden chest
But it got lost
without my knowledge.

The grief of my heart
Rose up to heaven
With clasped hands on the table.
Whoever finds it, 
my inherited ring
My poor heart will look upon as Lord. 



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