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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Calamansi /Kalamansi

Calamansi / Kalamansi is a tropical citrus fruit, native to the Philippines. It has a zesty lime flavor. It can be used to flavor dishes and drink mixes, like any other citrus fruit, it is high in vitamin C.

Its juice is nutritious and traditionally made into a fruit drink that helps prevent respiratory diseases. It also helps strengthen the bones and stimulate growth especially among growing children. 

Calamansi is the secret ingredient to many mouthwatering Filipino delicacies. as a sour flavoring to a variety of dishes from the sautéed rice noodles called bihon to pancit palabok; from the arroz caldo to beefsteak Filipino style. 

The calamansi pulp is used as a major ingredient in beverages, syrups, concentrates, and purees. The peel can be made into jams, candies and marmalade. With its alkalinizing effect, on the body calamansi helps circulate blood evenly and facilitates normal digestion.



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