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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sa Malamig

Sago at gulaman (tapioca and agar-agar gelatin) is one of the most popular drinks sold in corner streets all over the  Philippines. You will find peddlers selling them in push carts with other drinks like Pineapple juice and  Buko juice concoction called  "Sa Malamig" , a Filipino term  that refers to thirst-quenching juices ,"Sa Malamig" drinks are usually ladled into plastic cups or poured into clear  small plastic bags with straw and off you go, you have your drink to quench your thirst, especially during the summer months which is  April to May. 

The humble, Sago at gulaman has now come a long way and become sophisticated, now serve in the food court of Shoe Mart (SM) Malls and other big shopping centers throughout the country. Sago at Gulaman is even included in restaurant menu and usually served in a stylish tall, footed glass, a bit expensive compared to the P5.00 per cup sold by peddlers. 

Sago at gulaman can be a beverage-dessert, a snack or a drink together with your favorite merienda, it is an any time drink, if by any chance you get stuck in traffic in a provincial or city road, you will find  street hawkers selling sago at gulaman, even in the in the busy streets of Manila. 

A lot of people earn their living by selling sago at gulaman in the street, it is their main source of income. For others, selling sago at gulaman in their front yard add a little bit of spare money to help the family income, a good business venture especially during the summer holidays.  

Filipinos who migrated to other countries must surely miss this special concoction, but it is not hard to prepare, you just need to have all the ingredients which are available in most Asian or Filipino stores overseas. 



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