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Friday, September 20, 2019

How the carabao was fooled

One afternoon the Carabao was lying under a tall shady Narra tree to avoid the hot sun, the  Hummingbird landed on a branch above him“Good day Carabao” she said cheerily.  “Good day”, the  Carabao replied.

I am on my way to the river to get a drink of water, explained the Hummingbird.  I get so thirsty in this hot weather that I could drink an entire river. You?  Drink an entire river,  the Carabao laughed. You are so tiny that you’d drown if a raindrop fell on you.

The Hummingbird  decide to challenge the Carabao to a contest.  “You ‘d be surprised how much I can drink!” she said slyly, even more that you. Meet me later at the river and I’ll prove it.

There’s no way you can drink more than me, the Carabao snorted but he was also intrigued, he accepted the challenge and met the Hummingbird at the river later that afternoon.

The Carabao stood ankle –deep in the water as the Hummingbird sat above him in a tree.  “Now I’ll prove that I can drink much more than you can, little bird,”  the Carabao said as he bent down to drink.  He drank quickly at first then more slowly as his stomach began to fill with water.

He drank more than he ever had before.  To his surprise the river began to swell up around his knees.  He kept swallowing until he thought his stomach would burst but the water rose so high that he had to stumble to the shore before he drowned.  He collapsed there on his side, so full he could not move. 

“You didn’t drink a drop,” the Hummingbird said accusingly. “Of course I did,” gasped the Carabao.  I drank enough to fill a lake.

“Then why is the water higher than it was before, ”  the Hummingbird challenged.
I .  . I don’t understand!”  the Carabao stammered.
They debated for a very long time about whether the Carabao drank any water at all.

Finally the  Hummingbird told the Carabao, “it doesn’t matter how much you drank.  I will drink more water from the river than you could in your life.”

Hovering in the air, the  Hummingbird dipped her tiny beak into the water.  It looked as if she were sipping up nearly the entire river.  The Carabao could not believe his eyes and lowered his head in defeat.
In fact, the Hummingbird was playing a trick on carabao.  She had chosen a place for her challenge that was near the mouth of the river where tides made the water rise and fall.

The Carabao drank while the high tide was rolling in, no matter how much he drank the water level kept going up.  When it was the Hummingbird’s turn to drink after the long debate, the tide was rolling out.  Hummingbird had timed her trick perfectly.

Proud of her cunning, the Hummingbird just looked at the Carabao and said, “ You see Carabao even though you’re larger than I am, I can still drink more than you.,” With a laugh, she flew off, leaving Carabao by the riverbank, still too heavy with water to move.



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