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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Juan Tamad Goes A-courting

Love struck lightning like the lazy heart of Juan Tamad when he saw the beautiful maid Mariang Masipag. Every day he came to see her and followed with his eyes her busy hands and feet, which never stopped at their tasks from morn to dusk.

“Every day you come here, Juan Tamad and lie around making eyes at my daughter”, said the mother of Mariang Masipag, “You eat our food and drink our tuba, yet you cut no firewood and draw water from the well. You good-for nothing lout with bones soft as rice gruel, be off with you and never set foot in our yard again!”

Juan Tamad went away without a word but was back the next day, his arms loaded with big banana leaves.  These he carefully laid on the ground one by one all the way from the field into the yard of Mariang Masipag.

The mother of Mariang Masipag stood watching at the door until she could bear her curiosity no more, exclaiming, “What in the world are you doing with those banana leaves and didn’t I tell you never to set foot in our yard again?”

“I am not stepping on any part of ground in your yard,” said Juan,” for as you see, my feet touch only the banana leaves here.”



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