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Monday, November 25, 2019

Apolinario Mabini

Apolinario Mabini was born in Talaga, Tanauan, Batangas on June 22 1864.  He was the eighth child of Inocencio Mabini and Dionisia Maranan.  

Hi life was a constant struggle against poverty and illness.  Instead of going to priesthood, he became a lawyer.  In 1896, he was paralyzed. 

In spite of his ailment, he served as secretary of foreign affairs and president of the cabinet of General Emilio Aguinaldo.  He wrote the constitution for the Philippine Republic in order to instill the ideals of the revolutionary government.  During the Filipino-American War, he was General Aguinaldo's adviser, Aguinaldo was guided by his sound counsel and good judgement.  he was called the "Brains of the Revolution" and the "Sublime Paralytic"(in tagalog Dakilang Lumpo).

He joined La Liga Filipina in 1892 and Aguinaldo's revolutionary government from June 1898 to May 1899.

He continued writing articles advocating reforms.  He was captured on September 10, 1899.  During his captivity, he wrote "The Rise and Fall of the Philippine Republic".  After his release on September 23, 1900 he lived in Nagtahan, Manila where he wrote for local newspaper.  

On January 5, 1901 he was exiled to Guam, along with other revolutionists,  Americans referred to as 'insurrectos' and who refused to swear fealty to imperialist America. 

Mabini returned home to the Philippines in Feb. 1903 after agreeing to take the oath of allegiance to the United States of America.

Not long after his return, he died of Cholera in Manila on May 13, 1903 at the age of 38.  



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