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Thursday, December 19, 2019

How Las Pinas got its name

There are different stories about the true origin of the place " Las Pinas. Some say it is derived from the word Spanish word "Piña", meaning pineapple, since traders from the provinces of Cavite and Batangas shipped their pineapples for sale first to this town before the nearby markets. 

Others believe that the name was "Las Penas", (the rocks) which is evident by the quarrying of stones and adobe, which were used to construct buildings and bridges. 

The inscription in an old church bell might proved this, the church bell which has been preserved inside the museum of the Las Piñas Parochial Church, states, "Siendo Cura-del Pueblo de Las Peñas el M.R.P. Padre Diego Cera se Fundio este equilon ano de 1820".

It shows that, as early as during the time of Fr. Diego Cera, the town's first parish priest, the town had been called : Las Peñas“ until after sometime that the town's name was somehow changed to "Las Piñas".



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