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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Legend of Cashew

One day, many years ago, the animals of the forest gathered for a day of fun.  Everyone came, from insects and birds to beasts.  There was laughter, chatter and games, the merriment could be heard for miles around.

A cashew nut, which was nearby, wondered what was going on.  In those days, it lived inside the fruit. "I wish I wasn't trapped in chamber so I could see!" it said to itself.  It continued its prayers as the good times rolled on.

By chance, a fairy on her way to the forest festivities heard the nut's desperate pleas. She took pity on it and with her magic touch the nut was released.

"The world is so beautiful!" the nut exclaimed.  'Please, kind fairy, I want to live outside forever.  Don't return me to the darkness of before.' She took pity once more and granted its wish.

The nut was in seventh heaven and savored the surrounding  sights and sounds.  Then, the animals started to retire and the forest became dark and quiet.  The wind blew in and the rain started to fall.  The nut, scared and cold, called out to the fairy.  'Merciful fairy, please put me back inside.  I don't like it out here anymore!'
its appeal were met with silence.

When the storm broke, the fairy returned.  The nut was all bent and could not talk.  The fairy spoke: "This is to teach you a lesson.  One should be content with what one has."

The fairy left and ever since, the nut has lived outside the fruit.

Adapted from a story in Philippines Myths and Legends
by Gaudencio V. Aquino, Published by Manila National Bookstore, 1992.



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